iOS6 – Passbook

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Passbook application was introduced by Apple on this years WWDC as part of the new iOS6. The new operating system is going to be available for public on this fall but the beta version is published on developer portal for us to be ready with our new applications and services.


The new app is a user friendly central place to store electronic concert, cinema tickets, boarding passes, vouchers and store cards. Using the phone geolocation  settings when the user arrives to airport, for instance your relevant boarding pass it will be available straight on your device lock-screen without searching in your e-mails or finding you airlines app on you homescreen.  The passes could be dynamically updated – for example when a gate number is changing – giving to developers great tools to create great new services. “Passbook takes all of these passes and combines them together in one place, and integrates it right into the OS, and they are beautiful” – Scott Forstall – iOS engineer, WWDC keynote 2012

The location, date and time based passes is a great way for all companies who is offering electronic passes and cards to develop their mobile presence.



iBooks 2 and iBooks Author

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On todays educational event Apple has introduced the Textbook and iBooks 2. They gives the opportunity for everyone to create and sell their textbooks in Apple Store.

Another good example of innovation, creativity from Apple.


CES 2012

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I think everybody who is interested in technology was focused last week to CES 2012. The exhibition is the first in the year were the manufacturers can show us their new products and prototypes. Is not as important to me as the Mobile World Congress next month in Barcelona but I always following these events because could help to understand the new trends and could help us to prepare our applications for newest systems.

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A few weeks ago I have found a really interesting tool for mobile software developers it called ApplicationCraft.

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Xmas Wishlist – iPhone App

On 30/11/2011, in Development, by admin

Excited about Christmas? Want to keep track of exactly how long it is until Christmas day? You can also share this information with your friends via Facebook and Twitter.

Wishlist, barcode check and price compare! – Available in AppStore.


Welcome to my site

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Hello. My name is Csaba Csordas Mobile and Web developer. On my site I will post updates, news from world of technology and my recent development projects.